Eco Diesel Tuning FAQ

Common questions and answers for Eco Diesel Custom Tuning offered by HD Diesel Supply

Q. Do you offer custom tuning for the Eco Diesel Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup & Jeep Cherokee?

Answer. Yes, HD Diesel Supply offers 2 custom tuning options to fully Delete the DPF and EGR or see our Intact tune that shuts off the EGR and our custom tuning will work with the DPF unit intact and the DPF unit continues to operate as normal.

Q. Do you ship to the USA and Canada?

Answer. Yes we ship to the USA and across Canada. Unfortunately we do not ship to the state of California.

Q. What are the shipping costs to ship to me?

Answer. We have a flat rate shipping/import charges to the USA. $40.00 CAD for ECU only and for our delete kit that includes the ECU and required Delete exhaust pipe a $75.00 CAD shipping charge applies. Shipping across Canada is Free shipping* Additional shipping charges applies to the maritime Provinces and all Territories.

Q. How does the process work for custom tuning my ECU?

Answer. We offer a unique custom tuning option different then any other tuning companies available today!. We offer a exchange program that allows you to simply swap out you factory ECU for our custom tuned ECU that we match identically to the ECU that is currently operating in your vehicle. After filling out the Eco Diesel order form and provided us with all info needed to proceed with a custom built ECU. We then custom tune a exchanged ECU with our custom tune matched to your VIN numbers and injector codes. We ship this new tuned ECU unit to you and you simply swap out the ECU exchange unit. This allows zero down time. No long wait shipping times with your truck not running. After quick ECU swap has been completed and your truck is running awesome! Now just ship back your old ECU unit to us for a full core refund. Want to keep your stock ECU? No problem, see details below.

Q. What is the ECU core charge?

Answer. We offer a ECU exchange ECU program. When you order a custom ECU from us, We charge a $850.00 CAD core charge up front for the return of your stock ECU after you receive our custom tuned ECU for a full core charge refund*. Note: core return policy allows 30-45 days to return your ECU for full or partial refund. The core charge is a separate charge and is added to the costs of the kit listed on our Website.

Q. Can i keep my stock ECU unit?

Answer. Yes. You can keep your stock ECU unit. Just pay the the core charges that apply. This allows the option for you to keep your factory ECU and simply switch back at anytime you desire.**(Core charges of $975.00 CAD apply if you choose to keep your Stock ECU)**.

Q. How do I return My Stock ECU for core refund?

Answer. When you have successfully installed your new custom tuned ECU from HD Diesel Supply, Simply ship back the ECU core back to the address provided in the original box you received. Place your old ECU in protected bubble wrap and reuse the 10x10x4 box and attach the core tag in the box to properly identify your ECU upon return for the core refund. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs and properly securing the ECU to prevent damages during shipping. It is recommended to keep your tracking numbers to insure shipment returns to our warehouse. We offer two return options for our USA customers please ship back to our USA warehouse hassle free and in Canada please ship back to our Winnipeg location. Note: HD Diesel Supply is not responsible for lost or damaged core returns done by the customer and are subject to partial or no refund. We allow 30 days to return the core ECU for full refund of $850.00 CAD, after 30 days core charges are reduced by 25%. After 45 days, no core charges are refundable. Some special conditions apply for delay shipping times to you the customer. We consider 30 day core return based on the day you receive your item based off shipping delivery date details.

Q. How do I pay for the custom tuned ECU optioned kits?

Answer. After filling out our Eco Diesel purchase form and we have reviewed and confirmed the information you have provided to build custom ECU and your personal contact/shipping details, we will contact you for payment. We accept VISA or Mastercard. In Canada we have the option of E-Transfer. Core refunds charges will apply to the same card provides for purchase.

Q. What are the benefits to custom tuning my Eco Diesel Ram 1500/Jeep Cherokee 3.0L Diesel with HD Diesel Supply?

Answer. HD Diesel Supply has successfully tuned the Eco Diesel 3.0L optimizing its true potential at the same time as understanding the issues that have troubled most owners of the Eco Diesel Ram 1500/Jeep. Our tune achieves broad torque gains and increased peak torque numbers that will sure to earn your thumbs up approval. We have listed all the benefits provided in our custom delete tune or our Intact tune option!

Q. How do I order a Custom Eco Diesel tuned ECU optioned kits?

Answer. We require all customers to fill out our simple Eco Diesel Form. Please click on the link below to fill out the form. Eco Diesel Order Form