Terms of Sale Agreement

Terms of Sale Agreement/Disclaimer Agreement

You the purchaser have read and agree to the Terms listed below in the Terms of Sale Agreement/Disclaimer Agreement. By clicking the box and completing payment you have agreed to the terms presented below in the Terms of Sale Agreement/Disclaimer Agreement outlined by HD Diesel Supply.

All products are FINAL SALE. HD Diesel Supply is NOT responsible for buyers incorrect application. If you have any questions contact us before purchase for correct fitment or application of parts sold. As they are final sale and are NOT returnable for refund, exchange or credit.

The installer/buyer is responsible for the proper installation of our products as HD Diesel Supply assumes no liability regarding the improper installation or misapplication or damage to the parts during installation of its products.

If installation assistance is required; please contact the product manufacturer for details and proper instructions, HD Diesel Supply is NOT responsible for providing Installation instructions unless outlined and proved to the buyer by HD Diesel Supply at point of sale.

We offer a 30 day Replacement policy that applies only to Products that have been ship incorrectly by HD Diesel Supply to the buyer or have been agreed to be replaced and have been approved for coverage under HD Diesel Supply Correct Product Policy.

HD Diesel Supply offers a limited warranty as to description, quality, productiveness, merchantability, and fitment of any product to any specific purpose, or any other matter of products sold.

HD Diesel Supply is not responsible for any product’s improper use/service, therefore the buyer waives all rights other than those specifically detailed herein.

This warranty cannot be extended or altered in any form, except by a written instrument signed by both HD Diesel Supply and the buyer.

The warranty is limited specifically to the parts included within the product kit(s) sold from HD Diesel Supply for 30 days from invoice date of purchase. HD Diesel Supply except for those explicitly stated with the manufacturer and its own product warranties. Buyer must contact the part manufacture directly for manufacturers parts warranty coverage. HD Diesel Supply's Warranty does NOT cover products with manufactures warranty. All products in question of our warranty must be returned prepaid to HD Diesel Supply and MUST include a dated proof of purchase receipt with in 30 days of invoice date. A RMA number Must be issued before any warranty product is to be returned.

All warranty claims are subject to approval by HD Diesel Supply and limited to the original purchaser.

Any warranty returned products will be inspected and either repaired or replaced at the discretion of HD Diesel Supply.

HD Diesel Supply shall not be liable under any circumstances for expenses incurred relating to diagnosis, removal, re-installation of our products, or any other contingent expenses (labor, travel time, shipping expenses etc.).

All imported items entering the USA from Canada are final sale. And can NOT be returned for refund or credit or exchange.

HD Diesel Supply is not responsible for damage to products during and handled by shipping carriers. We always apply full shipping insurance to all products shipped. If product is damaged during shipping only then will Shipping carrier insurance be applied. A insurance claim will be opened by HD Diesel Supply to address the damage claim. As a result of the final insurance coverage out come provided by shipping company insurance coverage will only then will the product be replaced by HD Diesel Supply. Damaged Products order cannot be cancelled or refunded.

HD Diesel Supply is NOT responsible for buyer/receivers availability to sign and receive the product during final deliver by shipping company. It is customers responsibility to view provided tracking numbers to arrange final delivery of the product.

NOTE: For any items approved for return or for warranty, the buyer must contact directly to receive an RMA number before returning item. Do NOT ship back any products with out a issued RMA. HD Diesel Supply is not responsible for the lose or return of the product.

Disclaimer Agreement.

Vehicles modified by competition parts may not meet legal requirements for the use on public roads. It is your responsibility to comply with Federal, State, provincial and local laws prior to installation. Use or installation of competition products may affect your insurance and/or vehicle warranty coverage. It is your sole responsibility to comply with laws pertaining to competition products on public roads. HD Diesel Supply assumes no legal responsibilities and/or liabilities, whether to your vehicle, engine/motor, person(s), and/or property(s), that result from the use of, or servicing of a motor vehicle on which this product has been installed, or to any other vehicle(s), person(s), regardless of whether or not this/these products has any involvement directly or indirectly and/or liability, and/or whether or not this product has been properly installed. The installer(s), user(s), and/or person(s) attempting to install and/or liabilities whether to person(s), property(s), yourself and/ or others. This legal disclaimer is acknowledged by person(s), user(s), and/or driver(s) whom installs, drive and/or use this product. Whether or not this product is purchased, given and/or any other means of obtaining this product. HD Diesel Supply services, performance parts and or parts and items listed on its web site, or sold through the HD Diesel Supply store are sold "AS IS" without any warranty whatsoever to HD Diesel Supply except for those explicitly stated with the manufacturer and its own product warranties. No claim is made as to merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of such parts is with the buyer. Examine your parts carefully upon receipt of same. Should such parts prove defective following their purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer, assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair. Because U.S., Canadian, state or provincial laws and regulation may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed by the vehicle's manufacturer to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, HD Diesel Supply recommends that vehicles modified by HD Diesel Supply technicians and customer requested parts not be operated on public roads, and offers such parts only for track or off-highway competitive or performance use. HD Diesel Supply hereby states that modification parts installed on customers’ vehicles are intended for off-highway application only. Installation on a vehicle intended for use on public roads may violate U.S., Canadian, state or provincial laws and regulations including those relating to emission requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. In certain states, certain parts may legally be used on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads. In addition, installation of performance by HD Diesel Supply may adversely affect the warranty coverage on your vehicle. Other local, state, provincial, territorial, or international laws may apply to the use of these parts. Please check your local laws before purchasing or using these parts.