Diesel 101

HD Diesel Supply technicians put together a few pointers to assist in some of the questions about diesel injectors and related problems that occur and when it is time to replace them.

What is the difference between Refurbished, Remanufactured or OEM Injectors?

First off we would like to clear the air about the difference between Refurbished injectors, Remanufactured, OEM and New injectors.

Refurbished injectors. Refurbished injectors are used injectors that have been cleaned and tested. If they have acceptable standards they are then packaged and resold. Don’t be foiled by low priced refurbished injectors advertised by other companies. HD Diesel Supply does NOT sell refurbished products.

Remanufactured Injectors. Remanufactured injectors are disassembled, inspected for wear. They are then rebuilt using NEW updated parts, original equipment parts such as solenoids, new nozzles and control valves. NO (made in china) parts! Only original equipment used. After assembly they are tested for quality and there function.

OEM Injectors. The original manufacturer rebuilds the injectors and tested to original OEM standards with all new components. Same as item you find at your local dealership.

New. They are brand NEW injectors. All new injectors with all new components built by the manufacturer.

Should you replace all your injectors or just the single failed injectors?

We receive a lot of questions from our customers about injector failure and if they should be replaced all injectors at one time or just the failed individual injectors.

HD Diesel Supplies technicians response to this question can be answered in many ways…

  1. If you find random Injectors beginning to fail or show signs of failing, its most likely the other injectors will follow and fail soon after.
  2. "Do it right the first time". We believe that it is the most cost effective and proper investment of time, money spent repairing your truck right the first time. The proper way is to tackle the diesel fuel system as a single identity working together in harmony. The diesel fuel delivery system is the most important part of your engine and its performance.
  3. Wear on the fuel system from small particles of debris running through your fuel system takes away the life of your fuel injectors and could do damage to your motor down the road.
    Many things lead to injector failures from lack of maintenance. A simple restriction of only 8% to 12% in a fuel injector can lean out the fuel mixture and cause a misfire.
    So all this being said, why invest your money and time in one or two cylinder fix, but ignore the delivery system let alone the inconsistent injector balance rates being off scale from older injectors. We suggest replace all the injectors as a set.

Always do a thorough inspection to the fuel delivery system.

Inspect the fuel system is very important when doing any service to the fuel system. We recommend to inspect for leaks, change seals, inspect fuel return lines, inspect and clean fuel feed lines.
Don't forget to check the fuel delivery lines from the tank for soft spots! A simple soft spot in the rubber feed lines will cause collapse under high pressure. Fuel filters can be expensive, but it is crucial to keep up on maintenance. One dirty tank of fuel can destroy a set of injectors.